You should know the Rui Jing, you should see the vision

Company purpose


We adhere to excellence in products and services


We insist on using the shortest possible time to achieve the best results


We offer an environment that encourages employees to innovate positively


We adhere to the sincere attitude, to treat every customer and staff

Company Profile

The company was founded in 1990, with more than 20 years of precision machining technology, We have a lot of experience in manufacturing and developing precision parts. Today's products in North America and Japan supply a variety of industries and industries accumulated years of precision machining technology and manufacturing experience, we also provide various surface treatment, such as sandblasting, painting, anodize, laser engraved, electrolytic polishing and etc.

Our products are supplied with semiconductors, superconductors, chemicals, petrochemicals, energy and the environment ... and so on. Product range includes automotive electronics aviation vacuum lighting appliances 3C industrial equipment. Our company will be in accordance with the inquiry to provide a full range of services, therefore, Our company is not only in line with market demand, but also to provide customers with a variety of options. The company promises to provide the most competitive price and the highest quality to the customer, creating a win-win situation in the whole situation.

company registration name Rui Jing Precision Co., Ltd.
English registered name Future Precision Group.
address No. 615, 2, 2, Datong Road, Tainan City, 15-3
phone + 886- (0) 6-2899046
fax + 886- (0) 6-2906651
creation date January 1, 1990
delegate delegate
product content Vacuum parts, design lamp parts, auto parts, aerospace parts, electronic parts, semiconductor related parts, other

company's history

Rui Jing was established in 1990 in Tainan, early to undertake the production of automatic feeding lathe parts processing as the main business. In early 2000, we introduced the manual feeding large lathe, and four TAP: 2 m semi-milling machine, our business scope expanded to the system can be used for precision lathes, milling machine processing products. In the same year, I began to undertake foreign orders, customers all over the world. Mr. Xie Peijun, Chairman of the Board, has the highest tenet of "Quality, Integrity, Innovation and Efficiency". Continue to implement the highest quality service to customers the goal.

1990 1.Rui Jing was established in Tainan City, Taiwan
2.The same year began to undertake the Canadian customers: MP LIGHTING orders
2000 The introduction of manual feeding large lathe equipment and 4 TAP: 2 feet half milling machine
2012 1.Began to undertake US customers COLE aerospace related parts of the order production
2.The same year also officially entered the Japanese market, with the Japanese Tamura company, began to develop semiconductor parts production.
2013 To participate in the Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkan emerging market development group
2015 1.Started to undertake UK customers: ProtoFlex automotive industry orders。
In the same year, D & B Outstanding Enterprise Certification
2016 1.Began to undertake vacuum parts orders. And the development of vacuum parts standards and customized services.
2.For the active development of overseas markets, began to prepare for the production of new company website (China, Japan and the United Kingdom)
3.One overseas exhibitors: Japan M-TECH Tokyo exhibition